The Public Internet Access Point

Opening hours

Mon. - Fri. 10.00 – 19.00

Sat. 10.00 – 15.00

Pre registration when open, phone 44 55706

User Regulations

  • The Public Internet Access Point (PIAP) can be used by everybody. As a precondition, the skills of using the Internet are required.
  • Users of the PIAP have to show a reader's card or identity card as they enter the room.
  • The pre-registration is possible at the opening hours of the PIAP.
  • Pre-registered visitors have to arrive in time. After a delay of 15-minutes the right to use the computer goes to the next person.
  • Before starting work it is necessary to get acquainted with the User Regulations.
  • The working time begins at full hours and 1 hour per person.
  • One computer of the PIAP is for providing prompt service for non-registered users, 15 minutes per person.
  • Printing at the PIAP is charged. The fee is 0.15€ for 1 page. Before starting printing the administrator of the PIAP should be informed.
  • It is requested to keep order and silence at the PIAP.
  • It is not allowed :

to change the configuration of computers,

to restart and shut down the computer, and

to save information without the administrator's permission.